Kirsten Alice

a perfect day for bananafish

accidentalism: On the morning of the 5th of April, New York City will wake up to glasgow-based artist david shrigley's piece 'how do you feel?' On the high line billboard. Located at West 18th Street and 10th Avenue, the 25 x 75 foot (7.6 x 23 meter) installation will ask the common, yet complex question and provide an answer, one which is a comment on the emotional state of contemporary society. It deals with anxieties, paranoia, and the familiar pressures of personal and cultural demands. 

(via caelums)

we see the failures of our hero emblazoned in quiet glory on the faces of the tender younf. like the gems from our mouths are what spoil the gallon with just a sip. we’re retching rhetoric so the kids have somethinf to beat off to. waxingoutlandish for the electronic age. illiterate alliterations while the wind blows a few more pixels from the shade of our skins.

fuck. you put a good fight but we all erode a little and the sun still bleaches our bones. tell me what you’re thinking. don’t be nervous, i just like to watch. the water in your skin will swell out the imprints of my teeth. you’ll regenarate. you’ll dance for days as long as they leave you to swing in the breeze (and they all do).

i won’t mind the faces tou make and the sporadic swear words that don’t go together (you goddamn shit bitch) that you spout like cold tap water from your fuck fountain throat. i’ll still think you’re pretty when you’re srepping on my toes. it’l always a hard run into the wind but when you throw yourself off the cliff, the canuon is lined with me. look me in the eyes when i fucking talk to you.

it cuts deeper than you think.
we were all set up to fall.

The Hate is Deceitful Above All Things

- F.T.Willz

- 08